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Bodø Energi Kraftsalg is an electricity company sellling our products to private households and businesses in the municipalities of Bodø, Beiarn, Gildeskål, Rødly, Lurøy and Træna.

Contact information:

Telephone: 75 54 51 00

E-mail address:


You can easily become a customer at Bodø Energi Kraftsalg by filling out this form.

  • Mobile number

  • E-mail address

  • First- and surname

  • Date of birth

  • The electricity product you wish to buy


Our system will search for your name and adress and enable you to make an order.


If you do not have an electricity subscirption at the moment, our search engine will not find you and you must state:


  • Meter number

  • Meter digit

  • Date of meter reading

  • The adress of the household you want to order electricity for

  • Postal Code

After making the order you will recieve an email confirmation and we complete the order.

We welcome you has customer at Bodø Energi Kraftsalg!




Below we have explained some of the words and concepts connected to buying electricity



Electricity consumption
Måler = meter
Målernummer /målepunktID = meter number
Målerstand = meter digit

The meter is a device that sums up your electricity consumption. Each household has a meter and each of them has a unique meter number. The meter number must be stated when you report your electricity consumption. There are two kinds of meters.

The new kind of meter will automatically read and report your electricity consumption. If you have the old kind of meter you must check the meter digit and report this to Bodø Energi Kraftsalg on our webside or Bodø Energi App. You can also call us to tlf. 755 45 100 to report the meter reading.

You find your meter connected to the fuse box in your home.

By January the 1th 2019 all Norwegian households will have installed the kind of meter which automatically reads the consumption.

Information about payment
Utigfter = Expenses
Forfallsdato = Payment Due Date
Betaling = Payment

When you buy electricity from Bodø Energi Kraftsalg you can either receive your invoice/ bill by post, email or eFaktura.

eFaktura is an electronic billing system which requires that you have an online banking system from a Norwegian bank. If you have a Norwegian bank you can also register the bills from Bodø Energi Kraftsalg in a system called AutoGiro, wich automatically pays the bill at the maturity date / Payment Due Date.   
Receiving the bill by email or eFaktura comes with no extra fee, but receiving it by post you will be cahgred an extra fee of 49 NOK.
The invoice/bill lists two different costs; the cost of electricity and the transmission cost.

The distribution of power
Nett = power grid
The power grid distributes electric power to all households in Norway. The companies running the power grid act as monopolists and are responsible for the distribution of electricity in separate geographic areas.
Nordlandsnett is the local power grid owner in Bodø.
Nettleie = transmission cost/fee
Transmission cost (also called fee) is a cost representing the building and maintaing the power grid in Norway. All power customers have to pay a transmission fee to have electricity delivered to their home. This cost is the same regardless of wich electricity comapny you choose to buy your electricity from.



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